W Bro John Hines PPJGW


The Lodge of Brevity is a new lodge within the North Central Area, having been Consecrated on Friday 13th March 2015. The members therefore have to begin raising funds for not only Masonic Charity but also non-Masonic. They are all members of other lodges and have commitments to charitable giving in them, however, such is the strong foundation, on which the brethren’s feelings of support to those less fortunate, is grounded, it will not be long before Gift Aid is forthcoming,


To assist in these aspirations the Lodge appoints a Charity Steward. His role is to advise both the Lodge and its members on charitable matters and to carry out any associated tasks that may be required to achieve these aims.


On the 7th July 2010 at the Provincial Grand Lodge Annual meeting, the Provincial Grand Master officially launched the 2016 Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys Festival and the lodge will be working hard in its efforts to raise funds for this Festival Appeal. The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys helps children and young people in many ways through a variety of different funds and projects


The RMTGB is one of the Central Masonic Charities, along with the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution, The Samaritans Fund and the Grand Charity. Details of the work done by these charities can be found on their websites. A small regular monthly donation will grow over the years into a sizeable final total, particularly, if gift aided so that tax can be reclaimed.


Various charitable events are held in the North Central Area of the Masonic Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight. These are aimed at raising funds to support charity and include a Summer Ball in June and weekend at a hotel in November. These events will raise several thousand Pounds. The Lodge itself will be holding events at which funds will be raised and donated to charity.


Within the Province, the Tom Langton Fund supports non-Masonic local charities such as Scout Groups, Hospices and other deserving causes. An individual Lodge petitions the fund, generally after making a donation themselves, and after consideration additional support is usually forthcoming from the fund.


Our fundraising is a major part of the lodge activity and is set to continue in the future with Masonic and non-Masonic charities continuing to benefit from the generosity of the brethren of the Lodge and their friends.



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