About the Lodge of Brevity


Welcome to the Lodge of Brevity, a Masonic Lodge that has been formed in the Masonic Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight to appeal to those who have constraints on their time, but support the well established and universal principles of brotherly love, relief and truth – the basic precepts of Masonry.



Freemasonry has existed in the United Kingdom for close on 300 years and is one of the oldest and largest fraternal organisations in this Country. It provides a meeting point for men who adopt the fundamental principles of integrity, goodwill and benevolence as a foundation for their lives.  Our meetings are held with these ideals in mind, and help to develop the character and worthwhile values amongst its individual Members.



The Lodge of Brevity aims to appeal to those members of the public, and existing Freemasons, who lead busy lives and whose business, family and personal commitments leave a limited amount of time to devote to other social activities.   With this in mind we have streamlined the way Meetings are conducted so as to make the best use of the time available without losing any of the ethos of Freemasonry.



The Lodge is based at The Kings Court Masonic Centre at Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire and meetings take place at that location on the 3rd Tuesday in February, March and April.   We would be delighted to welcome new members so please make contact in the first instance with the Lodge Secretary W. Bro. John Hines – e-mail: secretary@lodgeofbrevity.com  who will be only too pleased to provide you with further details of the Lodge of Brevity and how to join.   


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